Baptismal Boubounieres | Favors & Bags

What are boubounieres? (Click here for the description)
Boubouniera (or bomboniere) is the souvenir for your guests. From elegant designs to simple and fun creations, Karamela offers you an exclusive selection of favors!!

All favors come with 5 koufeta (sugar-coated almonds). Prices shown are for the boubouniera as presented. However, you have the option to mix and match. If you like one of the charms that is on a box, but would rather have it on netting or a pouch, you may do so! You may also select more than one color for your style of boubouniera, including ribbons!

Personalized ribbon is available upon request, however additional charges will apply.

If you decide on one of our distinct boxed favors, you have a choice of raffia or shredded, crinkle-cut paper in the box with the koufeta. You can see your color options here.

Make your event unforgettable with one of Karamela’s unique and charming favors!